Dear colleagues:

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in International Symposium on Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Mass Spectrometry held by NRNU MEPHI in Moscow, Russia, 7th-10th November 2016 in the framework of 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Mass Spectrometry.

Organizing our Symposium we would like to try to make a place for scientific discussion and appearing new contacts and collaborations between international and local scientists working in fast developing field of Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry. 7th-9th November 2016 there will be oral and poster sessions together with other events of INNMS2016 in Korston Club Hotel. We have planned one day (10.11.2016) for technical tour to IMS and MS laboratories of NRNU MEPHI as well as round tables inside NRNU MEPHI for presentation of NRNU MEPHI and discussing possible join interests that could appear.

If you are interested in technical tour and round tables in NRNU MEPHI we would kindly ask you inform us by e-mail at and to apply Russian visa with visa support letter from our university (for citizens of all countries besides Russia) or inform us by sending Russian identity card before 3.11.2016 (for Russian citizens only).

Please, register in INNMS2016 web site and mention Ion Mobility topic during your abstract submission.

Looking forward to see you in Moscow!

Organizing and program committee of ISIMMS